Cloud Services

Delivering a Cloud based service solution.

Cloud - Services

The Ziraff team’s diverse skill set allows us to expertly tailor our services to match your exact needs. We help our clients launch the best web apps & websites possible.

We design and develop applications which can be accessed securely from any Internet connection on Desktop, Tablet and Smartphone devices. One of the main advantages of delivering a Cloud based service solution is that the end user generally does not need to download or install any additional software on to their device.

Cloud computing exhibits the following key characteristics:
  1. Agility improves with users' ability to enhance quickly.
  2. Application programming interface Can integrate applications and other workloads into cloud using API
  3. Device and location independence enable users to access systems using a web browser regardless of their location or what device they use
  4. Maintenance is easier, because they do not need to be installed on each user's computer and can be accessed from different places.

Team Lead for this service


Vinay is having 8 years of industry experience and leading cloud services team at ziraff.