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We help our clients launch the best web apps & websites possible.

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“Professional consultants who provides expert advice”

We carry out consultancy to investigate the technical feasibility of more complex proposed Products and applications. Within the team we have many years of experience covering a broad range of IT skills, which includes network and infrastructure, database design and development and application development. We architects its solutions to be self-sufficient from the ground up. But if you need additional expertise, we provide the best experts in the market – period.

After all 12 years, 4 engineers, dozens of products, and several achievements, we know a thing or two about where Products can go wrong.
  1. Review your codebase
  2. Lead scoping & scoping
  3. Advise on testing & metrics
  4. Put out that unexpected fire

Team Lead for this service


Ashok is one of the co-founder of Ziraff. With 12 years of industry experience he is leading consulting services team at Ziraff.