Web Development Services

We help our clients launch the best web apps & websites possible.

Web Application - Services

The Ziraff team’s diverse skill set allows us to expertly tailor our services to match your exact needs. We help our clients launch the best web apps & websites possible.

Characteristics of Our Web Applications

Whether it's a web app, content management system or a web-based data interface with thousands of users, our web applications demonstrate all the hallmarks of competence.
  1. Our web applications follow a true n-tier, distributed and scalable design methodology, thus allowing for growth and expansion
  2. Our solutions are highly innovative and effective
  3. Using our web solutions is easy, efficient and intuitive… even for not-so-technical users
  4. Our web applications are deployed on-time and on-budget
  5. Our solutions are reliable and require minimal maintenance

Our Design Process

Our user experience design process observes several key points.
  1. The website design must be user-centric, delivering a valuable exchange to both site owners and visitors.
  2. The experience design must be wholly-based upon the project's strategy and objectives.
  3. The site must reinforce the brand's promise, and even expand it.

Team Lead for this service

Subba Reddy

Leading the development team at Ziraff.